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PhotoStories Noorderlicht

During the opening weekend of the Noorderlicht Fotofestival in Groningen, PhotoStories organised several activities. Ranging from lectures and mini-workshop at the Minerva Art Academy to the extended masterclass and a closing debate with Arno Haijtema (Volkskrant) and James Wellford (Newsweek magazine).

The masterclass was attended by the three so called winners of the Masterclass in Rotterdam (19-21 May, NFM). Ilse Frech, Ilvy Njiokiktjien and Dirk-Jan Visser were challenged by Henrik Kastenskov (Bombay Flying Club) and Bjarke Myrthu (Storyplanet) to design a non-lineair story format for their project. They presented this sketch at the closing debate.

This debate was led by Lars Boering (Fotografenfederatie) who in small moment of time discussed the most important questions surrounding the practice of multimedia storytelling. Kadir van Lohuizen presented his ViaPanAm iPad application and discussed openly the challenges to design an interactive format for his project.

(PhotoQ reported on the PhotoStories follow-up, article in Dutch only )

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PhotoStories webdoc favourites

From September 8 till 11 2011 the follow-up of the PhotoStories conference took place at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. The programme existed of several mini-workshops (on the making of a multimedia project/digital storytelling), an extended masterclass, multimedia presentations and a debate about the future of the photographer (with Kadir van Lohuizen, Arno Haijtema, Bjarke Myrthu, Caspar Sonnen and James Wellford).

Again we realised there is a lot happening in this field. Loads of development, new projects arising, debates and discussions. Therefore it can be hard for newbies to find their way. PhotoStories helps to get a relevant overview. We asked 18 multimedia experts to put a list together with their favourite multimedia productions. Check out the list here.

Would you like to add a project to the list? Mail:

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James Wellford participates in PhotoStories debate

James Wellford, senior international photo editor at Newsweek magazine, just confirmed that he will participate in the PhotoStories debate on Sunday September 11. He is in Holland by invitation of Vrije Academie’s exhibition space GEMAK for the exhibition GENERATION 9/11.

The future of the photographer will be discussed during the PhotoStories closing debate. Is multimedia the (only) way to go? Will photographers find a future in the mix of photos, sound, moving images and interactivity?  Lars Boering (Dutch Photographers Federation) will lead the panel discussion. Experts Kadir van Lohuizen (Via PanAm), Bjarke Myrthu (Storyplanet), Caspar Sonnen (IDFA DocLab), James Wellford (Newsweek) and Arno Haijtema (Volkskrant) will all take part.

Free admission. Sunday September 11. 16.00 – 18.00. Minerva Art Academy, Praediniussingel 59, Groningen.

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Follow-up PhotoStories bij Noorderlicht Fotomanifestatie

De conferentie PhotoStories krijgt van 8 t/m 11 september een voortzetting tijdens de Noorderlicht Fotomanifestatie 2011 in Groningen. De Deense experts Henrik Kastenskov en Bjarke Myrthu verzorgen een masterclass en workshops over fotografie en multimedia. Ter afsluiting is er een debat over de vraag of fotografen een toekomstig bestaan kunnen vinden in de mix van foto’s, geluid, bewegend beeld en interactiviteit.

PhotoStories – van slideshow tot webdocumentaire begon in mei met een driedaagse bijeenkomst bij het Nederlands Fotomuseum. Internationale producenten van multimedia met fotografie als basis gaven lezingen (onder wie vertegenwoordigers van de New York Times, TIME Magazine, Magnum Photos en de winnaar van de eerste World Press Photo-prijs voor non-lineaire multimedia, Alexandre Brachet). Een tiental Nederlandse fotografen kon die dagen een intensieve workshop volgen met als eindproduct een trailer van hun project.

PhotoStories is georganiseerd als reactie op recente ontwikkelingen in de internationale documentaire fotografie. Fotografen zoeken naar nieuwe manieren om hun verhalen te vertellen of projecten te presenteren. Die trend kruist met de zoektocht van kranten, magazines en omroepen naar hedendaagse methodes om hun lezers effectief en aantrekkelijk van berichtgeving te voorzien, waarbij internet en mobiele media een grote rol spelen. Hoe kunnen fotografen hun instrumentarium uitbreiden om hun verhaal nog overtuigender te vertellen? Blijft het stilstaande beeld dan nog het vertrekpunt van de documentaire fotografie? En welke mogelijkheden heb je eigenlijk om een verhaal te vertellen?

for English click here or scroll down

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PhotoStories follow-up at Noorderlicht Photo Festival

The PhotoStories conference, held at Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam in May 2011, will organize a follow-up during the Noorderlicht Photo Festival in Groningen (September 8 till September 11) with a debate, masterclass and mini-workshops on multimedia photography, webdocumentary and  interactive storytelling.

The Danish experts Henrik Kastenskov and Bjarke Myrthu will provide the workshops. On the last day (September 11), a debate takes place on the question whether photographers can find a future in the mix of photos, sounds, moving images and interactivity.

PhotoStories – where photography meets multimedia storytelling started in May with a three-day meeting at Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. International producers of photography based multimedia gave lectures, including representatives of the New York Times, TIME Magazine, Magnum Photos and the winner of the first World Press Photo Prize for non-linear multimedia, Alexandre Brachet. Ten Dutch photographers participated in a three day workshop, finishing the event with a trailer for their project.

PhotoStories is organized in response to recent developments in international documentary photography. Photographers are looking for new ways to tell their stories or projects to present. That trend intersects with the search of newspapers, magazines and broadcasters for contemporary methods of reaching their readers in an effective and attractive way to provide news coverage, especially on the internet and mobile media. How can photographers expand their tools to make a story more convincing? Will still images remain the starting point of documentary photography? And what opportunities do you actually have to tell a story?

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Canon Female Photojournalist Award for Ilvy Njiokiktjien

The Canon Female Photojournalist Award for 2011, presented by the French Association of Female Journalists (AFJ), has been awarded to Ilvy Njiokiktjien, for her proposed report on Afrikaner adolescents in South Africa. Ilvy Njiokiktjien is one of the PhotoStories masterclass participants.

Njiokiktjien’s story originated from a visit, in 2007, to a ‘defence camp’ in South Africa where adult Afrikaners were taught how to shoot a gun in case of attack. “There is a fear among some white South Africans that there’s going to be civil war when Nelson Mandela dies, but an even greater fear is the high crime rate,” Njiokiktjien told CPN. “Most know someone who’s been hijacked or shot at. They are afraid to walk in the streets and they live in compounds behind high walls.”

An increasing number of parents are sending their children to youth camps. The camps promote a separate Afrikaner identity by creating consciousness among the young Afrikaners based on their language, religion, skin colour and traditions. Njiokiktjien, and the writer and journalist Elles van Gelder, spent nine days on a camp about three hours drive north-east of Johannesburg.

Njiokiktjien said that the boys were clearly being indoctrinated. “They learn how to shoot, they do exercises, and the evenings are spent having lectures about race from the colonel who runs the camp. One such lecture was called ‘The Enemy’, which described black and mixed-race people as ‘a big threat’ to white people. There was another lecture about how bad Mandela is,” she explained. The uniforms they wear, sometimes ill-fitting, were worn by their forefathers in the battles they fought. “One boy told me that when he got his uniform there was still blood all over it.”

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Workshop winnaars

De jury heeft zaterdag 21 mei 2011 de drie winnaars van de driedaagse PhotoStories workshop ‘Multimedia Storytelling for photographers’ van Bombay Flying Club bekendgemaakt:

Ilvy Njiokiktjien
Dirk Jan Visser – ‘OFFSIDE’
Ilse Frech – ‘Nika, Russia Love’

en een eervolle vermelding voor Jan Dirk van den Burg

De jury bestond uit Adrian Kelterborn (Magnum In Motion), Henrik Kastenskov (BFC), Jenny Smets en Iris Sikking (Paradox).

Waar het gewonnen vervolgtraject precies uit zal bestaan wordt binnenkort bekendgemaakt. Gefeliciteerd allemaal!

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Dutch newspaper NRC on PhotoStories

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Program guide out now


  • Time schedule
  • Biographies experts
  • Interview Henrik Kastenskov
  • Lingo List
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