Edie Peters’ favourites

PhotoQ is a website (in Dutch language) that brings daily news, an agenda and columns for photo professionals. Every now and then PhotoQ produces its own multimedia. Recently the website reported on an exhibition of newspaper photographer Vincent Mentzel in Rotterdam, produced an interview with portrait photographer Koos Breukel in Paris, and a mosaic of nine interviews with photographers during the 25 years jubilee of photo agency Hollandse Hoogte.

His choice:

Many great multimedia photo stories have been produced during the last 15 years. It is quite difficult for me to select ‘the best three’. To choose for only three favourites I will use as a tool my ascending blood presure while watching, combined with an urgent need to kick my own ass and start to think about improving the ways of presenting photo stories.

  • Bronx Family Album: The Impact of AIDS, by Steve Hart
    Published in 1997 by Scalo. For me it was the first encounter with photography based multimedia. The door went open to a new panorama. For that time it was great photography and the combination with sound was grippling. I still have a copie. But the QuickTime 2.5 does not work on my Mac anymore. There is no good online presentation of the interactive parts, but you can watch the photos in a slideshow at Fifty Crows
  • One in 8 Milllion, by a New York Times team, 2009
    Great because it looks so simple, yet it is overwhelming. Great photos by Todd Heisler, very well selected subjects with interesting stories and often great voices (so very important!). Very nice combination of portraying people as well as portraying New York City. One in 8 Million
  •  Ivory Wars – Last Stand in Zakouma, by National Geographic Magazine and MediaStorm.
    Being a young boy I loved watching nature documentaries on television. Now being a grownup man I enjoy photography very much. The two things meet in this piece combining good filming, state of the art nature photography, infographics, music and a very strong storyline. Ivory Wars