Bjarke Myrthu

Bjarke Myrthu’s favourites

The original idea for Storyplanet was conceived by Bjarke Myrthu in 2005 and slowly developed and matured into the concept you see today. Before Bjarke launched Storyplanet he co-founded Magnum In Motion. He is also the producer of several award winning online documentaries, and author of the book The Digital Storyteller. Bjarke frequently lectures and conducts workshops in digital storytelling.

His choice:

  • Prison Valley
    There are two main directions of web documentaries: The linear (which are typically slideshows) and the non-linear which is a new form that mixes pages, movie sequences and game like interaction. Usually the non-linear stories are great examples of either design, functionality or content, but it’s really rare to see productions that are both great content and storytelling wise and also nicely designed and working without technical bugs. Prison Vally are one of these rare examples.
  • Welcome to Pine Point
    A lot of the people that design and build interactive content come from the advertising and corporate world, because this is where the jobs and money is. So when the produce stuff it becomes shiny and glossy and beautiful, but not often times lacks personality and attitude. One of the things I really love about “Welcome to Pine Point” is that is has so much personality. It’s hard to point a finger on precisely what it is that creates this feel factor, but it just moves me. Secondly it’s a great example of how strong audio can be an incredible lift for a story.
  • A different ending
    Often it when brewing up interactive storytelling things quickly become very technical and complicated. But if you use the available tools creatively and thing simple you can sometimes get amazing results. This is precisely what “A different ending” shows. It’s using some pretty simple Youtube tweaks, and video filmed in first-person-style, to make a great interactive project. And then I also love the fact that these people are on a mission to make the world a tiny bit better…at the end of the day this is what should drive all of us.