Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi’s favourites

Ed Kashi is een fotojournalist met jarenlange ervaring in het maken van fotodocumentaires voor gerenommeerde bladen over de hele wereld waaronder National Geographic. Hij is bovendien de maker van zes fotoboeken waaronder Curse of the Black Gold : 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta (2008). Daarbij verscheen een gelijknamige multimediaproductie, gemaakt door MediaStorm. Hij is lid van het fotoagentschap VII Photo. Naast fotograaf is Kashi ook documentaire filmmaker  en geeft hij workshops en lezingen in fotografie en multimedia. In 2002  richtte hij met zijn vrouw Julie Winokur het bedrijf Talking Eyes Media op, een non-profit bedrijf dat zich richt op korte films en multimedia producties over sociale documentaire onderwerpen. In 2011 was Ed Kashi voorzitter van de jury voor de eerste World Press Photo Multimedia Award.

Ed Kashi is a renowned photojournalist with years of experience in the making of documentaries on social issues for magazines al over the world, e.g. National Geographic. He also made six books. One of them is Curse of the black Gold: 50 years of Oil in the Niger Delta (2008). Under the same title a multimedia piece appeared, produced by MediaStorm. Kashi is member of the photoagency VII. Besides being a photographer Kashi is a documentary filmmaker and teacher in photography and multimedia. In 2002 he established with his wife Julie Winokur the company Talking Eyes Media. This is a non-profit company producing short films and multimedia productions on social issues.

His choice / zijn keuze:

  • Take Care by MediaStorm
    ‘Because of it’s great use of stills and video to combine for a moving and aesthetically powerful visual narrative, it’s great character development and that fact that within a short time frame you get transitions and a transformation within the story. I’m impressed that this project came out of a one week workshop, which is testament to the collaborative effort that so often is part of a successful multimedia work, but also to Gillian Laub’s visual sophistication.’ http://mediastorm.com/training/take-care
  • Blanco by Stefano de Luigi
    ‘This is a great example of multimedia that is more conceptual, evocative without being journalistic and visually stunning. While the reliance on special effects might turn off some, I find it quite effective in this case. As multimedia developments and evolves as a new medium in the context of photojournalism and the profession of photography, we must remain open to using the new tools and techniques available to us.’ http://magazine.viiphoto.com/feature/show/267
  • 50 Milligrams Is Not Enough by Bob Sacha and Scott Anger
    ‘Produced by Pam Chen for Open Society Foundation. This marvelous piece highlights a worldwide issue in healthcare, told in an intimate, moving, visually lush way. This piece is a great example of visual storytelling and advocacy journalism, done with the highest aesthetic qualities. Great character development, in a wonderfully told plot, with sensitivity and high journalistic standards.’ http://www.stoptortureinhealthcare.org/denial-of-pain-relief