If you would like to know more about multimedia, check out the links below.

Festivals and awards | More and more filmmakers are exploring new media and as a result new forms of documentary are rapidly emerging. IDFA DocLab investigates these developments and showcases the latest innovations in digital storytelling. | Initiated by the National Film Board of Canada producer of interactive websites.  Gives an overview of their own projects. | Since 2011 World Press photo offers an category Multimedia. | Lens Culture is an online magazine celebrating international contemporary photography, art, media and worlds cultures. This year, they introduce an important new category to the award competition: Multimedia.

Blogs | Campbell keeps an analytical blog on developments in the use of multimedia and visual storytelling. | D J Clark specialises in short form multimedia journalism both as a practitioner and trainer. He has worked with media organisations across the world training staff and developing workflows to enable journalists to produce content for multiple platforms. | Forum which follows trends on interactive multimedia. | Re-thinking visual journalism for the 21st century by Tom Kennedy a pioneer in the multimedia industry. | American newsblog about the latest developments on multimedia. | Critical views on the future of journalism (initiated by the Nieman Foundation, Harvard)

Newsmedia | Designed to capture the best of online visual storytelling as practiced by online and print journalists from around the country and the world. The site is sponsored by the Online News Association. | Lens is the photography blog of The New York Times, presenting the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting — photographs, videos and slide shows. | LightBox, a new blog by TIME’s photo department, will explore how photography, video and the culture of images define today’s world. | Websites which showcases short multimedia features selected by the editors with the aim to highlight these to news media worldwide.

Producers | Multimedia producers founded by Henrik Kastenskov, Poul Madsen and Brent Foster. Provide s workhops worldwide. | Duckrabbit is a renowned digital and broadcast production company. Also providing workshops and practicalities. | Honky Tonk Films is a producer for the web and television. | Founded in 2004 by Adrian Kelterborn and Bjarke Myrthu. Producer of multimedia stories with Magnum photographers. | Producer of multimedia, works with established photographers. Uses social media to gain audience for their projects. | Paradox develops documentary projects for exhibitions, books, websites and recently experimenting with webdocumentaires and iPad-apps. | Storyplanet was founded by Bjarke Myrthu. It’s an online platform offering software (not yet available) in order to produce a multimedia by yourself. Also offering guides for learning the trade. | Submarine develops transmedia projects and researches new ways for visual storytelling. | French producer of interactive websites. Founded by Alexandre Brachet.