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Henrik Kastenskov

Henrik Kastenskov was born north of Copenhagen in 1966 in the Shakesperian town of Elsenore, Denmark. A lifelong interest in modern history and journalism combined with a visual talent let to a natural interest in photojournalism and social documentary.
Seeing the potential in taking online journalism a step further, he co-founded the multimedia agency Bombay Flying Club together with friend and colleague Poul Madsen in 2005 making the development of online story telling and production of web documentaries his main area of focus. Today Henrik lives in the countryside west of Copenhagen together with his wife, photographer Tine Hvolby, and their three kids. He is the co-founder of audiovisual production house Bombay Flying Club.

His choice:

  •  Cannonball by California is a Place
    ‘because it’s one of the first truly well done HDSLR productions and because the entire setup of California is a Place is brilliant.’
  • The Enemy Within by Bjarke Myrthu, Peter Hove Olesen and Søren Johansen
    ‘It’s made in 2002 and it still holds. Beautiful photography, elegant layout and brilliant storytelling.’
  • A concrete Lovestory by Kyrre Lien, Markus Aarstad and Brian Cliff
    Not for the photography but for the story. Love is a strange thing.
  • I have to admit I’m still quite fond of  The Afghan Diaries (Bombay Flying Club, 2008) I still think the whole aspect of using a diary format works well for a coming-of-age story on a very sinister backdrop. If you want to keep an audience, you have to tell the story. Pretty pictures is not enough. Add to that Poul’s (Poul Madsen) full frame Flash script at a time when full frame was not standard, and you have a pretty nice production.

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