Jurriaan Esmeijer’s favourites

Jurriaan Esmeijer is lead designer and event producer at Holland’s leading transmedia production outfit, Submarine. Spanning film, animation, non-fiction and interactive genres, Submarine boasts a roster of award-winning productions. Esmeijer worked on a wide range of transmedia projects including the multiple-award-winning online experience Collapsus. He’s currently working with renowned documentary director Marjoleine Boonstra on Keep on Steppin, a layered narrative mosaic that reflects on human dignity and resilience. Besides his work at Submarine, he is co-founder and creative director of the Open Air Film Festival Amsterdam.

His choice:

K10K was one of the first blogs that focussed on visual culture. Designers from all over the world were asked to create an edition for this blog. Some of them were a bit vague and experimental but the first steps into interactive storytelling were made by project K10K.

Also check:

Filmmaker in residence by NFB
One of the first combinations of photography, design and film that worked out extremely well.

Gaza Sderot by Upian
Classic webdoc, everything is right.