Masterclass 2015

The PhotoStories masterclass Digital Storytelling was held from 20- 22 May. Guided by Bjarke Myrthu and Eirik Backer. 

The following group of photographers and filmmakers were selected:

– Anaïs López & Paulien Bakker & Anisleidys Martinez with their project A country without orphans 
– Ben Krewinkel with his project Il m’a sauvé
– Cindy Heijnen with her project Alleen in Amsterdam
– Evelien Schotsman & Tinus Kramer with their project We are all in the same boat
– Frits Meyst with his project Yukon Gold – In the footsteps of the Klondike stampeders
– Marjolein Busstra & Rebekka van Hartskamp with their project Carla Khalifa
– Tara Fallaux with her project The Ferris Wheel Brothers

Photostories 2015 in Amsterdam. Photo: Nichon GlerumPhotostories 2015 in Amsterdam. Photo: Nichon GlerumPhotostories 2015 in Amsterdam. Photo: Nichon GlerumPhotostories 2015 in Amsterdam. Photo: Nichon Glerum

As a Danish specialist in producing online projects and maker of platforms such as Storyplanet and the application BlindSpot, Bjarke helped the participants gain insight into the possibilities available for audio-visual digital storytelling, from audio slideshow to app or web documentary.

Bjarke Myrthu presented the various aspects of digital storytelling: online story structures, interaction design, capabilities of different platforms, working with media such as photography, film, audio, text, graphic design, data. How can these elements enhance the story of the creator? Myrthu was accompanied by interaction designer and web developer Eirik Backer, who was available to assist participants in engineering and design.

The third day consisted of participation in the conference program of PhotoStories and the last meetings with Bjarke and Eirik. During the closing night of the conference Bjarke highlighted the best projects in his presentation at Pakhuis De Zwijger.

The masterclass was held at 20, 21 and 22 May and was part of the second edition of PhotoStories, a symposium on multimedia in photography and film that took place in Amsterdam on May 21st and 22nd. In two evening programs national and international experts in photography, film and multimedia shared their vision and presented their projects. On May 22 from 9:00 -17:00, short sessions were held in which creators and producers offered insight into the practice of making an (online) multimedia project.

PhotoStories is organized by the Nederlands Fotomuseum, PhotoQ, IDFA DocLab, Jenny Smets, Paradox in collaboration with World Press Photo and EYE Film Institute.

bjarkeBjarke Myrthu
Bjarke Myrthu is working in the intersection of technology, media and business. He is founder and CEO of BLIND SPOT – a next generation media platform connecting people and content that will launch in 2015. Previously he founded Storyplanet and worked as executive editor with Magnum Photos where he co-founded Magnum In Motion. He is a seasoned international speaker and facilitator of workshops at places like MIT Media Lab, Harvard, SXSW, IDFA and TEDx.

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eirikEirik Backer
Eirik is a interaction designer and web developer, teaching at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies. He is also lead interaction designer with BLIND SPOT-  a new interactive storytelling app currently in the last stages before public launch. With a great passion for communication and tailor made solutions, he have been working on projects all around the world for the past 9 years.

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PhotoStories was made possible thanks to the generous support of: Foundation for Democracy and MediaDuPhoStimuleringsfonds voor de JournalistiekDutch Film Fund.


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