Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy’s favourites

Tom Kennedy heeft een ruime ervaring binnen de print en online journalistiek. Hij werkte als redacteur multimedia bij de Washington Post en hoofd fotografie bij National Geographic Magazine. Tom Kennedy is een van voorlopers geweest in de ontwikkeling van multimedia. Bij de Washington Post ontwikkelde hij als een van de eersten een multimedia afdeling. Kennedy werkt als adviseur, geeft trainingen en lezingen en houdt op zijn site een blog bij.

Tom Kennedy is an internationally-known visual journalist with extensive experience in print and online journalism, including positions as Managing Editor for Multimedia at The Washington Post and Director of Photography for the National Geographic Magazine. As the managing editor for multimedia at, Kennedy conceptualized and developed its multimedia section, and created the first documentary video team to produce stories for a newspaper website.

His choice / zijn keuze:
It is difficult for me to pick out three favorites since I like a lot of different productions that have been published lately. Rather than singling out specific projects, I’d rather name three websites that I think are consistently producing work worth looking at as multimedia struggles to find its voice as a form of storytelling.  I still believe we are in the initial phase of discovery, trying to recover ancient long-eclipsed languages that would have been much more familiar to tribal societies at the beginnings of human existence.  I subscribe to the theory posited by the late Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan that multimedia is a fusion of the ancient oral and visual languages that would be embodied by cave painting and oral storytelling that would be familiar to aboriginal tribes in the contemporary world. I think multimedia is simply the latest version of that form of communication being fueled by advances in technology. I like multimedia that exists at the intersection of art and journalism and that utilizes capacities of media types to fuse in interesting ways.

I also subscribe to the notion that journalism as it has been practiced by mainstream media in western countries (particularly the United States and Great Britain) needs to be fundamentally reinvented from the ground up to be more useful to our world.  I believe journalism should be borrowing from the computer gaming environment and be focused on creating mechanisms that allow citizens to address the fundamental issues that are threatening our planet while still providing them with the kinds of specific information that could can fuel such interventions.

So here my choices for websites: