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Bob Sascha is fotograaf, filmmaker, editor en multimedia producer en docent. Voor zijn carrière in de multimedia reisde hij als fotograaf voor onder meer National Geographic en Life de wereld over. Nu richt zijn werk zich met name op multimedia productie en het geven van workshops op dit gebied. Van 2007 tot 2009 was hij producer bij MediaStorm. Hij won verschillende prijzen met zijn verhalen. Sacha geeft les op het ICP in New York, de Cuny graduate school of journalism, en The Columbia University. Onder de naam Sachastorytelling houdt hij op zijn site een blog bij.

Bob Sacha is photographer, filmmaker, editor and multimedia producer and teacher. He used to travel around the world working for magazines like National Geographic Magazine and Life. Now his work is more focused on multimedia production and teaching workshops. He worked as a staff producer at MediaStorm from 2007-2009. Sacha teaches at the ICP in New York, the CUNY graduate school of journalism, and the Columbia University. He has a blog under the name Sachastorytelling.

His choice / zijn keuze

  • A Poet’s Struggle With Alzheimer’s
    Almudena Toral produced a short video story about Alzheimer’s disease that stunned me. There was something about the frankness of the interview and also the choice she made to have poet Jack Agueros daughter conduct the interview. Beautiful work created for a class at the City University of New Yorks’ Graduate School of Journalism class I teach (video storytelling for the web),  it landed on the front of the New York Times website.
  •  Coal
    The super talented group of students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill produced some stunning work as part of their News21 project. They really stretched in trying to think of new ways to tell the story of energy in the USA as part of what they call an interactive film.
  • Metropolis
    In terms of great visuals, this story by Henry Joost and Ariel Shulman about artist Chris Burden’s Metropolis project is  a wonderful dance of music, visuals and a stunning use of silence. Even though I don’t own a car or live in Los Angeles, it made me rally want to see the exhibition and more of Burden’s work. Metropolis