22 May – Evening

Evening program Friday 22 May

MyrthuBjarke Myrthu works at the intersection of technology, media and business. He is the founder and CEO of BLIND SPOT – a next-generation media platform connecting people and content. He also co-founded Magnum In Motion and Storyplanet.
Myrthu will share his experiences of the PhotoStories Masterclass on digital storytelling he gave over the past couple of days. He will highlight some results from the participants.

sonnenCaspar Sonnen is Head of New Media at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and the founder of the festival’s IDFA DocLab, a pioneering platform for digital and interactive non-fiction, multimedia journalism and virtual reality.
Sonnen provides a showcase of the latest developments in the fields of Virtual Reality (VR) and documentaries online. Including a live skype connection with former war-photographer Karim Ben Khelifa who is making his first VR production called The Enemy.


eefjeEefje Blankevoort (Prospektor) will talk about the Asylum Machine and Love Radio. Eefje is a co-founder of the journalism production company Prospektor. She writes articles and books and makes (multimedia) documentaries, such as Love Radio and Hidden Wounds, an interactive music documentary.

kadirKadir van Lohuizen about Via PanAm and the storytelling strategy of agency Noor Images. Kadir is a documentary photographer probably best known for his long-term projects on the seven rivers of the world, the diamond industry and Via PanAm, his striking visual investigation of migration in the Americas, made between 2011 and 2012.

yanivYaniv Wolf will discuss The Last Hijack and Refugee Republic. Yaniv is Publicity/Marketing Manager and Head of Distribution and sales at production company Submarine and Submarine Channel in Amsterdam. Since 2014, he has also been involved as a Creative Producer in interactive documentaries at Submarine Channel.

robertRobert Overweg is an artist and expert in the field of virtual worlds. He is ‘lead concept and innovation’ at Triple-IT. Robert can be seen as a technology innovator thanks to his extraordinary professional and personal interest in new technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR).


Peter DiCampo is an American documentary photographer whose goal is to contribute with his work to a dialogue on international development and perceptions of Africa. He began his career as a Peace Corps Volunteer and a traditional photojournalist – now, his work seeks to deconstruct that experience.
DiCampo will discuss two of his projects: Everyday Africa, a group project that uses Instagram and Life Without Lights, an ongoing multimedia project on the social and economic impact of energy shortages in countries like Ghana, Nepal, Great Britain.

vdusseldorpMonique van Dusseldorp moderated the evening. She is a freelance conference curator/moderator specialising in media/tech events.