PhotoStories follow-up at Noorderlicht Photo Festival

The PhotoStories conference, held at Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam in May 2011, will organize a follow-up during the Noorderlicht Photo Festival in Groningen (September 8 till September 11) with a debate, masterclass and mini-workshops on multimedia photography, webdocumentary and  interactive storytelling.

The Danish experts Henrik Kastenskov and Bjarke Myrthu will provide the workshops. On the last day (September 11), a debate takes place on the question whether photographers can find a future in the mix of photos, sounds, moving images and interactivity.

PhotoStories – where photography meets multimedia storytelling started in May with a three-day meeting at Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. International producers of photography based multimedia gave lectures, including representatives of the New York Times, TIME Magazine, Magnum Photos and the winner of the first World Press Photo Prize for non-linear multimedia, Alexandre Brachet. Ten Dutch photographers participated in a three day workshop, finishing the event with a trailer for their project.

PhotoStories is organized in response to recent developments in international documentary photography. Photographers are looking for new ways to tell their stories or projects to present. That trend intersects with the search of newspapers, magazines and broadcasters for contemporary methods of reaching their readers in an effective and attractive way to provide news coverage, especially on the internet and mobile media. How can photographers expand their tools to make a story more convincing? Will still images remain the starting point of documentary photography? And what opportunities do you actually have to tell a story?

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