Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Fotomuseum is the treasure chamber of Dutch photography. The museum manages 130 archives of work by Dutch photographers such as Ed van der Elsken, Cas Oorthuys, Aart Klein en Frits Rotgans. The varied collection comprises all forms of photography: from albums to glass negatives, from autochromes to anaglyphs, from daguerreotypes to influential Dutch photography projects. In the print shop of the museum store you can print a photo from the collection. The store offers furthermore a broad assortment of photographs, books, postcards and gadgets. In the restoration studio’s of the Fotomuseum – the only restoration studio of the Netherlands – photographs of the museum collection and also of other museums and archives are being conserved and restored.


1 Response to Nederlands Fotomuseum

  1. evamartinezorosa says:

    When will you hold the next Photostories? I’ve just discovered, but too late to join this year.

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