You can’t sign up for the workshop anymore,
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PhotoStories Workshop | Multimedia Storytelling for Photographers
Henrik Kastenskov from the Danish audio visual production house Bombay Flying Club will host the 3-day workshop ‘Multimedia Storytelling for Photographers.’ The workshop is part of the PhotoStories conference which will be hosted at Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam from May 19 till May 21th.

It’s a kick-off workshop for ten photographers only who have an idea for a multimedia project. During the workshop the participants work on an introduction of their plan, different aspects and possibilities of multimedia storytelling will pass by. For example: the use of audio and images, structure of the story, usage of Flash. On the second and third day the participants join the afternoon and evening program as well. At the end of the third day the projects will be judged by an international jury. Three projects will be selected and continue to the next phase.

The participation fee is €390, including the afternoon and evening program, lunch and dinner. Only ten participants are able to join, selection will be based on a brief idea of a multimedial project, short motivation and CV.

Deadline was April 19, unfortunately you can’t sign up for the workshop anymore.

Bombay Flying Club
Bombay Flying Club (BFC) is an independent audio visual production house in Denmark. It currently consists of three members/photojournalists: Henrik Kastenskov, Poul Madsen, and Brent Foster. The studio started out in 2005 producing documentaries with a specific online audience as target. Their first production ‘The Ardoyne Suicides’ won awards on national and international level. Since then BFC has produced or co-produced more than 15 documentaries internationally for which they’ve received numerous awards. BFC works on commission for international clients and produces stories and complete multimedia packages. The members of BFC mainly engage in long-term and personal projects, but they are now opening up as a production company for other independent photographers who need help producing professional multimedia. Using radio, broadcasting, still photography, web design and video, BFC transforms these mediums into powerful and original multimedia stories.   Interview with co-founder Poul Madsen

Henrik Kastenskov
Henrik Kastenskov was born north of Copenhagen in 1966 in the Shakesperian town of Elsenore, Denmark. A lifelong interest in modern history and journalism combined with a visual talent let to a natural interest in photojournalism and social documentary.
Seeing the potential in taking online journalism a step further, he co-founded the multimedia agency Bombay Flying Club together with friend and colleague Poul Madsen in 2005 making the development of online story telling and production of web documentaries his main area of focus. Today Henrik lives in the countryside west of Copenhagen together with his wife, photographer Tine Hvolby, and their three kids.


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